Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Take away love,
and our earth
is a tomb

If you want to be
be lovable.

Love doen't
make the world
go round.
Love is what makes
the ride

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Due to unforeseen cirmumstances, we would like to apolagize to all the bands and the people who were panning to go ti the skate rock camp festival. we couldnt't get the permit among other things, we were promised a lot of things but the we.. re all taken away last minute. wesh we could do this without the permits and authorization, but that could jeoparadize DFYM, the band, contractors and the people attending the show. our hopes are high in thet we could organize a festival. which could bring us all together in one camp legally and create an unforgettable festival. This will take time and we hope you guys could be patient. we apolagize again for causing you guys such incoveniencess till we meet again. Drug Free Youth for Drug Free Youth


kehidupan adalah
satu rangkaian fikiran
kita akan menjadi
seperti apa yang kita fikirkan.
kita boleh pilih apa
yang kita mahu fikirkan

Dalam ruang minda kita,
sesiapa yang percaya
bahawa sesuatu itu benar,
walaupun ia benar
atau tidak,
ia tetap akan menjadi
benar belaka